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About Medi+LLC

Our Mission

Our mission is to demystify the most powerful plants in the world. We’ve worked with doctors, scientists and people to develop products like no other that we can truly stand behind. We will not compromise integrity for sales EVER.

We want you healthy and have your body start to heal itself.

Natural Healing from Cannabis

Medi+ LLC is bringing us back to the plants' basics. Through our patented extraction and processing methods we are able to provide a true full spectrum and broad-spectrum products not from isolate allowing us to preserve the full terpene profiles derived from the world's most powerful plants.

The Difference is Whole Flower Nano Extraction

Cannabis in its raw form is fat soluble and does not mix with water unless the molecule is isolated. This process sacrifices many components of the plant that are beneficial. Through our patented nano extraction, the cannabidiol molecules are microscopic making them able to combine with water easily without compromising the full benefit of the plant.                                

When you drop oil in water it floats to the top. This is what oil based Cannabis does in your body affecting the absorption ratio and therefore changing the products efficacy. Your body is over 80% water. When you place a drop of Medi+ in water, the fluid will disperse increasing its absorption by your body to activate your CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Our tablets share the same level of care in their extraction and formulation using as few ingredients as possible to bring you the most natural, effect form of cannabinoids and terpenes possible.

About Medi+
Why Medi+

Why Medi+LLC?

100% Plant Based

Medi+ LLC takes the full medicinal profile of hemp cannabis available with a full spectrum of Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavonoids. No added sugars, dies or oils EVER. No addictive qualities

Whole Flower Preservation

Laboratory tested; our Whole Flower Fluid process is proven to extract over 90% of the active, whole plant ingredients. This maintains the unique flavors and taste of the plant and most importantly, does not isolate any single compound but rather encompasses all.

Patented Nano-Extraction

Nano-cannabinoids offer exceptionally high bioavailability. They are absorbed by the body, orally or through the skin, rapidly and completely delivering higher potency and faster onset for lower doses. Nano-cannabinoids are water-compatible and can be easily mixed into beverages at essentially any desired concentration.


Isolate products lack essential compounds and carrier oils make compounds hard to absorb, they require higher doses to reach desired effect. Medi+ is so concentrated and in raw form essential compounds are untouched and un diluted in oil increasing its effectiveness. Whether you enjoy our drops or our tablets a little goes a long way.

Water -Soluble

The ONLY water-soluble whole flower Cannabis fluid on the market not from an isolate.


"I'll never forget when I discovered Medi+. I was at a festival visiting with my daughter and grandkids. I was in so much paint that I was about to leave to sit in the car which broke my heart. On the way out I stopped by an apothecary booth. That was where I discovered Medi+. I was given 2 drops. I was in so much pain I was going to buy the bottle right then and there. I was told to try this and come back in 20 minutes. I just wanted the whole bottle then but I did what I was asked. 2 hours later I realized I was no longer in pain. I could not get back to that booth fast enough. I bought 2 bottles that day and keep it with me always. It has changed my quality of life forever."

-Joyce C., Matthews NC 2019




Medi+ T-Shirt

Bella Canvas
50/50 Blend

Medi+ Logo Design


+PlusCBD EXTRA Gummies 10mg

10 mg CBD
All Natural Ingredients

Medical Grade Gummy


Brothers Apothecary Sleep Capsules 8mg

8 mg CBD per capsule
Melatonin & Skull Cap
Other sleep ingredients
Medical Grade Capsule


Medi+ Hat

Polyester Blend
One size fits all
Supports Medi+ Movement


+PlusCBD EXTRA Capsules 15mg

15 mg CBD
Extra Strength
Medical Grade Capsule


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